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Includes Lash Tint 


  • Creates the illusion of bigger brighter ultra femine eyes

  • Creates the illusion of longer lashes by curling the top lashes upwards

  • Reduces the need for mascara


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24 Hour Patch Test Required prior to treatment 

  • Gives a similar effect as mascara

  • Lengthens, darkens, thickens without smudging, clotting and rubbing off

  • Quick Result

  • Excellent for holidays, jobs where no make up is permitted

  • Great for: pale complextions, blonde, grey or red hair

  • Creates definition, frame & structure

  • Excellent for clients who have sensitivity to makeup

  • Suitable for active lifestyles 

  • Lasts 4-6 weeks - until natural lash sheds  

Triangles offer a wide range of Eye Treatments



Three types of lash extensions available giving ompletely different looks


Strip Lashes

  • Treatment time: 5 minutes - usually carried out with make up

  • Effect: More dramatic effect

  • Use: Party look

  • Last: One night only (can re-use in some cases

  • Removal: you can take these off easily yourself


Bud/Cluster Lashes

  • Treatment time: 30 minutes

  • Effect: More dramatic

  • Use: Party look

  • Different lenghs & thicknesses available

  • Last: 1 day up to 1 week

  • Removal: Salon removal only or loss of natural lash may occur


 Individual Lashes 

  • Treatment time: 2 hours

  • Effect: Natural enhancement

  • Use: gives a longer, thicker, darker but natural effect emphasising the eye area

  • Different lenghs and thickness available

  • Last: 1 day up to two weeks, before top-up- can last up to six weeks before removal

  • Removal: Salon removal only or loss of natural lash may occur

lash tiniting strip lashes bud lashes 2 individual lashes