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Triangles have been carrying out Laser Hair Removal treatments for over eight years and have treated over a thousand satisfied clients.

We are extremely experienced and continually update training to advanced settings due to being an Appointed Test Centre

All clients receive a unique  indepth consultation and test patch lasting from 1 hour to 1 and a half hours

Care Quality Commission passed & registered until laser removal was de-regulated.  However we still operate to these very high standards.


  • Permantently reduces hair taking on average just six treatments

  • Gives amazing results on the most stubborn areas

  • Innovative laser machine: "Lightsheer Duet" - it is an 800nm diode laser (best wavelengh for permanent hair reduction)  

  • Usual reduction of 80% with 6 treatments 

  • Laser cannot work on white, grey, very blonde or very fine hair 

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Specialist in Asian Skin - all areas avaialble


2 hand pieces of different sizes gives: BEST hair removal and FASTEST treatment times - Even on stubborn areas


Hand Piece 1 

a) Chill tip with continous cooling to help reduce pain sensitivity

b) Small tip ideal for awkward to reach areas and finer hair


Hand Piece 2 - largest spot size of any hair removal laser

a) Large Head for quicker treatment times  ( reduced by a minimum of 50%)

b) integrated vacuum system - reduces sensitivity allowing more sensitive areas to be treated


Packages and Discounts may be avaialble for this treatment

















Different to laser but still permanent reduction

Treats one hair at a time and each hair needs multiple treatments

Treats all hair types including WHITE, GREY, BLONDE, FINE & RED hair

Treatment Time: either a course of 150 minutes or can be per minute depending on amount of hair to be removed  

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