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Hair Reduction:  As per pre and post treatment form provided


Reza Semi Permanent Makeup: As per pre and post treatment form provided


Laser Hair Re-growth:  As per pre and post treatment form provided


Lash/Brow Tint:  Patch test must be carried out 48 hours prior to treatment


Spray Tan: Pre Tan:  Hair removal, exfoliate and moisturise dry areas 24 hours prior to treatment, do not use: perfume, deodorant, makeup or wear any tight clothing prior to treatment.  Post Tan:  wear loose clothing, no makeup, no exercise and no shower/bath for 8 hours + after the treatment


Lash Extensions:  No mascara to be used, care taken when removing makeup, avoid water, do not rub eye area, no guarantee of length duration after leaving salon.  Top ups advised after 1-2 weeks


Nails:  Care taken for car doors, opening cans, cleaning etc.  Return for treatments on the therapist advice.


Hair Extensions:  Only use recommended shampoo, conditioner, styling products and brush.  Plait hair in the evening for bed with loose material bobble.  New colour only applied by Triangles


Hair Colour:  48 hour patch test required by any new clients.  If existing client staying with the same colour brand and no change in medication or circumstances then patch test every 12 months.  If this is not carried out at client’s request the client in giving informed consent and Triangles is therefore not liable.