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Triangle Beauty and Hair Ltd is registered with the GDC (General Dental Council)

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  • Premier Products

  • 20 Minute Treatment

  • Zero Pain

  • Zero Sensitvity

  • Zero Peroxide

  • Product favorite with celebrities

  • Totally Safe

  • Fantastic Professional Results

  • Unique Gel Formula - Brilliant lasting whiter smile

  • Legal to recieve without a dentist present


Amazing Smile 20 Minute PRO ZERO 3 treatment is the fastest, most effective teeth whitening possible.  It gives fantastic professional results with no pain or sensitivity and best of all no hydrogen peroxide so it's totally safe.  


Amazing Smile uses a revolutionary scientific way of teeth whitening.  You are just minutes away froma brilliant lasting whiter smile.  Our unique gel formula that is pre-filled into the mouth piece was specially formulated to respond to the exact wave lengh setting on our state of the art meticulously calibrated BB COOL LED ADVANCED light.  Our system features technologies that safe, legal, industry unique and very cost effective.  By using our revolutionary treatment for optimal activation the entire teeth whitening process is accelerated and able to be completed in just 20 minutes

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